Death Doula Services

A death doula (sometimes referred to as an end-of-life doula or death midwife) assists in the dying process much like a birth doula or midwife does during the birthing process. It is a non-medical, community-based role aimed to help families cope with dying by recognizing it as a natural and important part of life. 

Doulas are available through all stages of the process, from notice of terminal diagnosis through active dying and death. Hiring a doula is helpful in many ways. We: 

  • provide practical, personalized support
  • fill in the gaps of end-of-life care by collaborating with hospice either at-home or in-facility
  • emphasize the emotional and spiritual aspects of death by honoring the experience that the dying person and their family are going through
  • facilitate conversations to help family members open their hearts and speak freely to each other. 

Death doulas are hired by the dying person, their family members or friends, social workers, therapists, or anyone who recognizes that "dying well" takes a community. The process begins after everyone involved agrees on the plan to move forward and can be summarized in 3 steps:

  • Planning
  • Conducting Vigil
  • Reprocessing and Bereavement

In addition to hourly and daily End-of-Life Support Services, we offer 3 End-of-Life Support Plans that involve unlimited access to your doula electronically and by phone, daily visits during active stage of dying, hourly visits through death, bereavement and grief processing following death. 

Visits are generally in-home or facility visits with the dying person and their loved ones. These visits are customized and look different for everyone but generally include:

Honoring and protecting the dying through patient advocacy, comfort care, guided meditation, creating and implementing a vigil plan, creating and implementing a sacred space through touch, scent, light and music therapy.

Honoring and protecting the family through family advocacy, education of death and dying, resource sharing and respite for caregivers.

End-of-life Support Services $40-$100/hour

End-of-life Support Plans begin at $1000

All services offered on a sliding scale.