Advance Care Planning

We strongly encourage folks who want to do this work on their own, to do so. There are great options online at no cost and you do not have to pay a professional to have your decisions documented. We offer this service for the many folks who would rather have guidance and help. 

Overview of Service

Cost: $300 all-inclusive

Our work begins with a 2-hour in-person consultation. During our time together, we will work through every detail and our session will be recorded so that everything you share is accurately represented in final documentation. All information is kept completely confidential. During this process, we will unpack and discuss all of the important end-of-life decisions: 

  • Where will you spend your last days? 
  • Will you be cremated or buried, and where? 
  • Are you an organ donor? 
  • What medical interventions are desirable? 
  • What values should your family prioritize?
  • What does a good death look like to you?

The answers to these questions are referred to as Advance Care Plans. These are your wishes for how you will spend your last days and for how your loved ones will honor your wishes and complete your affairs after your death. In this time, you get to ask any questions you want, and they're answered by an experienced death doula who will give you the information needed to make informed decisions.

Development of Plan

After our consultation, your part is done. I will then document every detail in our template, adding appropriate medical and legal clarification as needed. 

Delivery  and Strategy 

Once completed, you will receive the final documents both digitally and in print. I will provide you with an email template to send to family and friends, letting them know you've completed your ACP and that you would like them to read and understand it, retain a copy, and honor it at the end of your life. 

What are the benefits?

ACPs are more detailed than Advance Directives as they require thoughtful discussion around specific ideas. This level of organization is extremely helpful in reducing stress and offering you freedom to maximize your participation in life. Getting these plans in writing ensures that they will be honored in times when you may not be able to speak for yourself. ACPs are important for everyone, regardless of age or health status.