Who We Are

Donna Baker


Donna is the founder of Columbus Community Deathcare. She is an INELDA-trained Death Doula and hospice volunteer at Kobacker House. 

She is a certified celebrant and has been officiating weddings and end-of-life ceremonies since 2005.

Donna has been drawn to death and dying since she was a young girl growing up in Northern Ohio. Her most peaceful childhood memories include fort building and pet cemeteries. She was called to make this her life's work after the death of her father in 2014 and she received her formal training in April 2019.

   As a Death Doula, Donna offers guidance on how to care for our dying loved ones at home. She works to give families the tools they need to provide care up to and through the active-dying phase. She assists with bedside care, sits vigil, and facilitates open, honest conversations. 

Donna provides educational consultations for home funerals, green burials, cremation and traditional burial services. She teaches eulogy and obituary writing and offers end-of-life document organization. Donna assists with legacy projects to deepen the exploration of the dying person’s life and create a unique physical artifact to leave behind for loved ones.

She hosts a monthly dinner series called, "Let's Have Dinner and Talk About Death," to encourage lively discussions about what we want, both in life and during its close. 

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