Art Therapy & Guided Meditation

We seek to understand the relationships between the body, mind and spirit. Art therapy, guided meditation and body work focus on all aspects of the person, and this integrative approach is an essential part of our body care philosophy.

Our art therapists, massage therapists and yoga/meditation instructors are licensed and have completed all required coursework and certification from accredited programs. We will work with you and your support system to create a healthy care routine that involves things like reiki, massage, neuromuscular therapy, painting, sculpting, legacy projects (things like letter and card writing, video and voice recording, photo sessions, or other creative endeavors) guided meditation and yoga.

These services are offered independently or added to End-of-Life Support Plans.

Art therapy $20-$50/hour 

Body work $60-$80/hour

Legacy projects $200 and up

All services offered on a sliding scale.